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On the 100th anniversary of the birth of the father of the Nuevo Tango, LocarnoFOLK also pays tribute to the Argentine master and to the tango. Around Piazzolla is the title of its Winter Fest 2021, a mini-festival that will take place from 11 to 13 November at the Teatro del Gatto in Ascona; the programme includes four concerts illustrating the variety and liveliness of this artistic expression that is the Argentine tango, as well as a multilevel tango-workshop dedicated to Piazzolla.

The great Argentine composer changed the sound of Buenos Aires forever, bringing the world a contemporary tango with jazz elements. His songs, mostly written in collaboration with great authors such as Jorge Luis Borges, Pablo Neruda or Julio Cortázar, are true musical treasures of the 20th century, which the two Argentine musicians Marcela Arroyo (vocals) and Julio Azcano (guitar & arrangements) will present to us on Thursday 11 November at the opening concert of the festival.

On Friday 12 November, the Duo La Luna will tell us the story of a European migrant who emigrated to Buenos Aires at the beginning of the 20th century in search of a new life; a show about hope and expecting, about being on the road and returning home. Helena Rüegg (bandoneon) and Rob Bangert (guitar) play traditional and modern tangos, many of which have been written especially for them by well-known Buenos Aires composers.

On Saturday 13 November, we will first dance with Piazzolla: Moreno Orsetti and Manuela Stucki, of the Casa del Tango (Giubiasco and Lugano), will invite us to a multilevel tango workshop, focusing on Piazzolla's contribution to the danced and played tango, open to everybody, including curious non-dancers.

Two very different concerts will follow. In the first part of the evening the Duo Gelfini-Rivero will pay a special four-handed tribute to Astor Piazzolla, together with bandoneon player Thomas Guggia from Ticino. Alessandra Gelfini and Juan Rivero will enrich the programme with works by other Latin American composers, showing their common roots and experimenting with a rather unusual line-up in the field of popular music, the piano duo.

The second concert, that of the Aureliano Tango Club, will open up the stylistic range even further, taking us from modern tango to Latin rock, with forays into modern jazz. Bandleader Aureliano Marin is an Argentinean tango singer and bassist who, while respecting the genre from which he draws inspiration, sings us musical stories of this millennium with his rough, dark voice. He will be joined by Mehdi Altinaoui (violin), Julien Blondel (piano) and Pablo Costadone (drums) for an lively festival conclusion.


Concert booking: 091 792 21 21 /
Workshop booking: 076 711 14 83 /

Price for 1 concert:
CHF 25 / CHF 20 seniors + students / CHF 15 adolescents until 19 years / CHF 10 children until 14 years
Price for all 4 concerts:
CHF 80 / CHF 60 seniors + students / CHF 40 adolescents until 19 years /  CHF 20 children until 14 years
Price for 2 concerts on 13.11.:
CHF 40 / CHF 30 seniors + students / CHF 20 adolescents until 19 years / CHF 10 children until 14 years

Price for workshop alone:
CHF 40 / CHF 35 seniors + students / CHF 20 adolescents until 19 years
Price for workshop + almost 1 concert:
CHF 35 / CHF 30 seniors + students / CHF 15 adolescents until 19 years

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