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Finally, the live music is back. After two live streams, LocarnoFOLK will propose its third spring concert on 21 May at the Oratorio San G. Bosco in Minusio to a present audience: you will be able to immerse yourselves in all safety in the Balkan-inspired, rap-tinged world-trance of the Lolomis band. The event is organised in collaboration with the Elisarion and OSA! (Organico Scena Artistica).

Lolomis' concert is eagerly awaited. Scheduled for spring 2020, it had been postponed due to the pandemic. The four young French musicians Romane Claudel-Ferragui, Elodie Messmer, Stélios Lazarou and Louis Deligno were due to present their newly released album, Red Sonja. Here they are finally in Ticino for their first concert after a year's forced break.

"Red Sonja" is inspired by the eponymous heroine, the barbarian warrior with supernatural powers, best known as a comic book character. Lolomis has appropriated this figure "to give the voice back to all those women who have too often lost it: daily warriors thrown into the world of love, life and death... heroines, dreamers, seductresses, shamanesses...".

Fascinated by Eastern European Music, they manage to synthesise their different musical backgrounds, drawing on various influences such as electronic music, trance and pop, to create a unique, surprising, hypnotic sound. Romane Claudel-Ferragui's chameleon-like voice is sometimes enchanting, sometimes incisive with rap accents.

Romane Claudel Ferragui: voice
Elodie Messmer: arp, synth
Stélios Lazarou: flutes, synt
Louis Delignon: percussion, Electronic
Lolomis | Facebook

21 May 2021, 8.30 pm
Oratorio San Giovanni Bosco, Minusio
In collaboration with Elisarion and OSA!

  • IBAN: CH34 8080 8001 7376 3324 2 Associazione LocarnoFOLK 6600 Locarno