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Peter Zemp, born in Lucerne but now living in Ticino, combines his North Alpine roots with a profound knowledge of Italian folk music and a sensitivity towards jazz. The result is a slightly melancholic, tranquil but at the same time humorous music with changing timbres and atmospheres and daring excursions into dissonances and noises.
The pieces of "Pierino e i lupi" are a series of sound images that often propose small trips north and south of the Alps, as their titles indicate: Chiasso, Romoos, Hitzkirch... As well as a journey through space, the concert is a journey through time: toys, music boxes and bells recall the world of childhood.
The musicians accompanying Peter Zemp in this project have been collaborating with him for many years: Simone Mauri and Paolo Botti, both of whom work across the Italian border, and Santo Sgrò from Lugano.

Peter Zemp: accordion, piano, bonsai keyboard
Simone Mauri: clarinet, bass clarinet
Paolo Botti: viola, banjo, trumpet
Santo Sgrò: percussion, toys

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