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Unavantaluna - Cumpagnia di musica sixiliana is an ensemble of musicians united by their common Sicilian origins and their passion for the popular music traditions of their land. Their intent is to unite the past with the present through the search for a possible balance between musical tradition and innovation. They place side by side tarantellas, contradanzas, traditional sailor songs and their own modern compositions. Songs in Sicilian and powerful voices, archaic musical instruments and millenary stories, arrangements and new sounds: this is a group of great impact that becomes exhilarating in its most appropriate dimension, live! 

Pietro Cernuto: zampogna, friscaletto, voice, percussion
Francesco Salvadore: voice, percussion
Carmelo Cacciola: Cretan lute, voice
Luca Centamore: guitars

Unavantaluna | Cumpagnia di musica sixiliana

  • IBAN: CH34 8080 8001 7376 3324 2 Associazione LocarnoFOLK 6600 Locarno