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For its Spring Fest 2022 from 5 to 7 May in Losone, LocarnoFOLK proposes a musical journey from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea and even further to Africa and South America. The programme includes five concerts, one of which offered by the Commune of Losone (free admission), a Greek dances workshop and a documentary film on the Anatolian lute.

The journey will begin on 5 May on the south-western coast of France, in the Languedoc region, with the Occitan polyphonies of the women's vocal quartet La Mal Coiffée, who have been exploring the Occitan repertoire for 20 years, from traditional songs to contemporary creations. In their latest album Roge (Red), the four women take up the word to protest, with their polyphonic singing and percussion, against the many forms of domination.

The evening of 6 May will feature another French quartet, Zakouska, who, on two violins, an accordion, and a guitar, will play music from seaports, from Marseille - where it lives - to Istanbul. The sea ("Mare Nostrum") and the cry are at the origin of his recent album La Criée. His road book meanders between the cacophony of the fish markets and the hubbub of the taverns, alternating Cretan serenades, frenzied dances, and salty melodies. Free admission for this concert offered by the Commune of Losone.

Before the concert, the documentary film SAZ - The key of trust will open up the rich and vast world of the quintessential Anatolian lute, which is also played in parts of the Balkans, in the Caucasus, in the Crimea and as far away as the shores of the Persian Gulf. From Bosnia to Iran, via Istanbul, saz player Petra Nachtmanova embarks on an exciting journey on the trail of her fetish instrument.

The day of 7 May will open with a workshop on Greek dances, which will show us - if it were still necessary - that dancing in Greece is not limited to the famous Sirtaki. Panagiotis Pateritsas, a bouzouki player, and dancer since childhood, will teach some popular dances. He will then lead the evening, alternating between the stage - which he will share with the other members of the multicultural group Safar Mazì - and the audience.

Safar Mazì will propose an exciting journey from the Mediterranean Sea to the Middle East, crossing the Balkans and Turkey; a dialogue between the different shores of the "Mare Nostrum", the cradle of civilisations, the starting point of ancient voyages and recent migrations. The protagonists of this musical itinerary are a Venetian with Apulian roots, a Friulian of Sicilian origin, a Greek, an Iranian and a Moroccan.

The afternoon concert with the Ticino ensemble Greensleeves will also revolve around the "Mare nostrum", on which man's passions have sailed since the beginning of time. Delicately erotic songs, sublime love poems and dances of joy and jubilation from the Italian, Spanish and French coasts will enchant the audience.

The young band Djelem Do Mar will close the festival with a fascinating ethnolinguistic journey that will start from the Mediterranean Sea and go on to Africa and South America, before returning to Italy, encompassing ten idioms. Voci oltre, the group's first album, is based on genuine research aimed at "contaminating" the sources by mixing the popular and the refined, the ancient and the contemporary.

Refreshment bar run by the Ticino circus MAGIC
Finger Food by Pugliamia (6.5.) and Passion Food Truck (7.5.)




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