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For 11 years, LocarnoFolk has taken you on a journey to countries far and near, with original and quality proposals in the field of popular and world music. Its journey through the Locarno cultural scene - which began in 2012 with the first edition of the LocarnoFolk Festival - will come to an end at the end of the year. The low audience numbers in recent times, the difficulty in finding sufficient financial support and the lack of new forces to organise the events have prompted the Committee to take this painful but inevitable decision.
The LocarnoFolk Association will be dissolved on 31 December 2022; this was decided on 3 December at an extraordinary assembly.
From its beginnings in 2012 until its last festival last October, LocarnoFolk invited more than 90 groups or artists from around 30 countries and four continents. In addition, 13 groups from Ticino have been guests of LocarnoFolk.
We would like to thank all those who have supported and followed us, faithfully, along the path we have tried to chart over all these years.
We wish you happy holidays, a bright year 2023 and a future full of music, emotions and encounters.

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